20 Types of offers to make money [ WITH EXAMPLES ]
20 Types of offers to make money [ WITH EXAMPLES ]

20 Types of offers to make money [ WITH EXAMPLES ]

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✅ Get daily sales
✅ Boost average order value
✅ Boost returning customer rate
✅ Boost customer retention rate
✅ Build high ticket buyers
✅ Build buyer ready audience
20 Types of offers to make money [ WITH EXAMPLES ]

20 Types of offers to make money [ WITH EXAMPLES ]

$2.97 $27.00
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Have you thought about how to make money as a creative person?

Jump-start your offers instantly with our proven templates

90% of marketers lose sales just because they have not represented their offer strategically and they blame Landing pages, Funnels, ADs platforms like Facebook, Google, YouTube, etc…

If you’re looking to provide extra value with a proven strategy in your offers as a marketing consultant, or if you simply want to make money as a creative marketing artist, the offer templates are a great way to begin.

Offer templates work as a great time-saving blessing when one has to send similar offers to multiple recipients.

 Writing effective offers takes serious practice. You’ve got to be interesting enough to get recipient's attention, convincing enough to hold that attention long enough to get them to read your entire offer, and thoughtful enough to come across like you have their best interests in mind. And you’ve got to do all that in a handful of sentences.

 With a proven offer template, you can cater to more prospects and spend less time trying to figure out what to write.

 You can use this saved time to do other productive tasks like nurturing your prospects, planning your next sales strategy, and more. 

🔥 This 20 Types of offers to make money With EXAMPLE is useful for Facebook Ad Copy, Text SMS, and for Email Templates 🔥

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    20 Types of offers template to make money with an example

    WHO TO OFFER TO: ideas about 20 types of offers, that Who to offer to

    AUDIENCE BREAKDOWN - whom to offer: Cold, Warm, and Hot

    WHEN TO USE IT: 20 Types of offer templates to make money

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    ✅ Strategically created for Coaches & Entrepreneurs

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    ✅ Ready to download straight away after buying

    ✅ Plan your offers accordingly and use resources in PDF to get more sales 

     The best part? 
    This works for ANY online business!

    Whether you are a coach, course creator, service provider, product-based business, consultant, or blogger these offers will help you increase your sales online!

    This also works for graphic designers, virtual assistants (VAs), marketers, web designers, social media managers, accountants, fit pros and so much more! 





    ✔ Use these 20 types of offers to make money for your personal or business promotion

    ✔ Use these 20 types of offers to make money in Ad Copy, Text SMS, and IN Email Template

    ✔ Use these 20 types of offers to make money to nurture your audience.



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